Frequently Asked Questions

It is a free web application that calculates the best itinerary for you according to your profile and available dates

How does the algorithm work?

The algoritm selects the best set of attractions according to the users choice which includes the favorite cateogories and how important is the rating, the amount of time travelled and the money spent.

After this selection, it will try to select the best itinerary in order to make sure that all attractions are opened and to lower total time spent with transportation

The location of the hotel might influence on the best itinerary. If you know where are you sleeping, we strungly suggest to type its address.

Yes. Under the trip planner request page, you can set up a safety margin which will increase the transportation time duration in a proportional manner. This will help you plan your trip according to your pace.

Once you have calculated your itinerary, you can edit it by addding or removing attraction, changing the expected duration in each attraction and the transportation time duration between attractions.

You always have the option to recalculate the itinerary. Even using the same inputs, it can result on a different itinerary.

Finally, you can save your final itinerary and publish it but you must be logged in in order to do it.